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  • I love mixing media, especially beads and fabrics. My latest 2 Blu Hands direction is adding wire to come up with something completely new. My art is a creative process... constantly evolving.
  • Pamela Searcy is an artist creating bronze sculptures and impressionistic and abstract paintings. She has also opened up her studio, Artebella, to local Yakima artists to show their creative talents.
  • Be sure to stop by Artebella, a Yakima Art Gallery and see the Guest Artists work up close and personal. See Yakima artists Mike Hiler, Rachel Dorn, John Barany, Meghan Flynn, Dotti Burton, Chris Otten, Terry Mullen and Pamela Searcy.
  • Becky Melcher came to Yakima in 1976 for a visit and never left. The beautiful, open skies and the light days gave her the opportunity to watch and study the effects of light on the landscape.
  • Becky Melcher retired from her "day job" in 2015 looking forward to painting more. She hopes you enjoy the results as much as she enjoyed the creation.
  • You can see many of Becky Melcher Paintings and other work around the Area in Yakima Windows, Galleries, Tasting Rooms, and at Special Events throughout the year.
  • Essentially self-taught, light and tone are the most important elements in a painting for me and the most difficult to achieve. Together with my love of animals, this page is devoted to that combination.
  • Bev's Beads are one-of-a-kind. Items may be similar, but with different metals, colors, beads, etc. Custom creations by Bev Vonfeld are also available.
  • Take a look at local Art Events that are accepting entry applications for future shows. Call to Artists information and rules for each event are found on the venue's web-site. Please contact the venue for additional information.
  • A dyed paper collage are many sizes and often show a little abstract but softer. Collages are just one of the many different aspects of Delma Tayer Art.
  • I am connected to my Art and inspired by my love of the outdoors. Whether it's camping in the mountains in my 1985 VW Vanagon Westphalia and wife, Kristin or hiking the Cascade foothills.
  • Yakima Art Connection offers local Yakima Valley artists the online exposure for their creative products. For more info or if you're interested in a web presence for your art, contact Lynda today.
  • Shipping costs vary depending on the size and shipping method preferred. Please contact me direct to arrange for purchase and shipping of my work.
  • Contact me for more information and look for my work locally in the Yakima Valley at demonstrations, shows, and exhibits.
  • Porcelain cups and bowls are my primary art form. I never make two alike, but generally make cups and bowls in sets defined by design or glaze.
  • For over 20 years Deborah Ann rarely met anyone who was doing what she was doing with fabric, fiber, and art but when she moved to the Yakima Valley in 1995, all that changed.
  • I have experimented and worked with most mediums available to me. Although I enjoy working with the figure, I call myself primarily a landscape painter. -- Delma Tayer.
  • Duane Heilman has been painting since the late 1960's enjoying the local Yakima Valley landscapes, still lifes, and portraits.
  • Duane Heilman presently shows his work in many of the galleries and art events around the Yakima Valley. Be sure to stop by and chat next time you see a show.
  • See Duane Heilman and his art in person at many Yakima Area events such as June Art Fest and Yakima Folklife Festival.
  • "I've always thought of study and pencil works as things unto them selves and not necessarily something of lesser consideration as to being a work of art. I like their simplicity and quiet nature."
  • Wood Blossom Woodworks Carved Doors by Guy Brooke with a personal touch – Interior, Exterior and Screen Doors. The first and last impression your guests experience at your home.
  • Custom Furniture As Art – Make a statement or blend in with your home’s personality. You have an idea, a budget and our attention – what dream can we build for you today?
  • Everything deserves a second chance in life which makes these rehabilitated functional art pieces just the thing to give your home. Let Retro-Racks provide that historical 'Retro' look.
  • Custom Designed Signs - Whatever type of wood you chose for your signs, you're guaranteed the best, manufactured to your specifications - a truly one of a kind masterpiece.
  • Woodblossom Woodworks Carved Doors, Signs, Furniture, Racks, and more by Guy Brooke with a personal touch.
  • Inktense gets its vibrant color because of the concentrated pigment the company uses to make the ink, and layering it just intensifies the color.
  • Jan Crocker Pottery was born out of my love of working with clay. I am constantly reading articles, observing art, as well as nature's display of shape, colors, and shadows.
  • I find the direct approach to making Jars & Ollas as utilitarian ware the best. This fine art was practiced by native Mexican potters refreshing in contrast to formulated clays, glazes, and kilns.
  • John Barany is JSB Arts. COLLABORATIONS are a few pieces all as a collaborative effort with other Yakima area artists.
  • John Barany is JSB Arts. COLLABORATIONS are a few pieces all as a collaborative effort with other Yakima area artists.
  • JSB Arts New Projects! Call me today and order that unique gift for your someone special.
  • Some of John Barany wood art is commissioned & can be finished to your own unique criteria with carving, engraving, paint, etc. Find ideas with his Wall of Wood Art today!
  • See a few of JSBArts wood projects by John S Barany availiable for purchase. Call JSB Arts today!
  • June Art Fest is held on the second Saturday in June, in the Court yard, at Chalet Place Shopping Center, 56th & Summitview, Yakima.
  • Visit any of the local links to find out more information about the Yakima Valley Artists, their passions, their supporters, and their art.
  • Throughout these years my creativity has found many expressions. So at last, I proudly call myself a full time artist and want to share LV Design Jewelry with you. ~ Lucy
  • A Nuno Felted scarf combines the silk or cotton gauze fabric and wool fibers to create a beautiful scarf, great fashion style, and keep you warm at the same time.
  • My artwork comes in a variety of forms... Inktense watercolors, alcohol ink, fabric painting, and Zentangle creations of my own. Learn more and contact me, Meldra Driscoll, to schedule a class.
  • I've always loved to recycle into art. I started with recycling copper plumbing pieces because I love how it ages in the garden. Need I say more... Metal 'N Thread.
  • I strive to create fired clay forms that can be functional and establish a personal and tactile connection with users.
  • It's always interesting to combine different medias -- Here are just a few Mixed Media sampling of Delma's combinations.
  • Oil Paintings media consist of particles of pigment suspended in a drying oil, commonly linseed oil. The finish dries hard and usually doesn't need a protective cover.
  • Any Prints Gallery Print is created as very a high resolution photograph, available in three forms... Photographic Prints, Stretched Canvas, and Gallery Wrap Canvas.
  • This privacy statement was created to demonstrate our firm commitment to the privacy of your information with this web site. We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard.
  • A native to the Pacific Northwest, Randal Leek has travelled throughout the world creating natural abstract wood sculpture forms from exotic hardwoods.
  • Sally Fitch has a Passion for Fabric beyond the pattern. "Fabric has fascinated me ever since I was able to hold scissors."
  • Each handcrafted felted scarf has found a new home. However, it is possible to recreate a similar design using the same silk and wool combination.
  • Pastel Paintings media are pure powdered pigment with a binder and because of their makup, do require a glass coverage for protection .
  • My Sculpture ceramics are based on “Slab Clay” construction. I first roll a series of clay slabs and then cut and form these slabs into cups, bowls, coil type jars and sculpture.
  • Studio K10 designs are a combination of polymer clay with beads, gemstones, semi-precious stones, fiber, or other found objects... all hand made by Pam Caton.
  • Though art is my life, Landscapes are my favorite style. Some oils, some watercolors and some pastels, but most are of the Yakima Valley area I love.
  • While working in Sudan, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Randal Leek began experimenting with wood sculpture and carvings, shaping and polishing local hardwoods found in their markets as firewood.
  • Nuno felting takes a new turn with these felted wool vessels, bowls, and boxes.
  • Writing: Where it all began... Where here it all will end. Mystical Mountain Magic, a Young Adult fantasy novel series: Evil fell from the stars and exploded against the mountain.
  • Take a look at Yakima Art in our parks and on the street, in restaurants, museums, galleries, and at local art events like Yakima's Sunday Farmer's Market.
  • Yakima Art Connection is designed to direct our site visitors to area events and display just a sampling of the talent from Yakima Artists in our area. Check back often as Yakima Valley Art is always new around town.
  • Zentangle Method is a form of art that has been around for thousands of years. It’s also been called “doodling” or “tangling” and some even think of it as a form of meditation.

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