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The Yakima area is well known for its resident talent from great wines to fabulous upcycled art.  Yakima Art Connection is designed to direct our area visitors to events and display just a sampling of the talent found in our area.  So whether you're looking for one of the many art events in the Yakima and Kittitas Valleys or shopping for your own treasures, YakimaArt.com is the place to be.

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Yakima Artists, Delma Tayer, Ancient Poetry - Collage

Delma Tayer
Mixed Media

I have experimented and worked with most mediums available to me. Although I enjoy working with the figure, I call myself primarily a landscape painter. -- Delma Tayer.

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Yakima Artists, Duane Heilman, October Moon

Duane Heilman

When painting landscapes, still lifes, or portraits, Duane often alters the style of brush work and colors on his pallet to suit the subject. It can vary from fine classical glazing technique to spontaneous impressionism.

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Yakima Artists, John Barany, Doomsday Clock, 10x26"

JSB Arts
John S Barany
Wood Art
Custom Design

This Wall of Wood Art is on display as samples of my designs that can inspire your vision to become a reality in my workshop.  I love to create custom designs and ask that you contact me for additional information or to see these and other samples in person. -- John


Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Fired Clay by Mike Hiler

Mike Hiler
Fired Clay

My cups and tableware are approached primarily as sculpture.  I strive to create forms that can be functional and establish a personal and tactile connection with users.

E-mail Me!

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Five Poppies by Becky Melcher

Becky Melcher

The beautiful, open skies and the light days gave me the opportunity to study the effects of light on the local landscape. Essentially self-taught, light and tone are the most important elements in a painting for me.

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Aqua, Teal, Purple & Black... these scarf colors really pop out.

Lynda Otey
Wearable Felt Art

These handcrafted scarves, mittens, and garments combine Silk gauze and Wool fibers to create a great fashion style and keep you warm at the same time. The colors are hand dyed and each design is original -- no two are exactly the same.

  Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Afghan Sun - Woodwork by Randal Leek

Randal Leek
Exotic Wood Sculpture

While working in Sudan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, Randal began experimenting with wood carvings, shaping and polishing local hardwoods found in their markets as firewood. His pieces range in height from 6” (15cm) to 30” (80cm), with polished, finished surfaces in contrast to the natural textures of beautiful weathered material.

 Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Wood Blossom Custom carved Doors & Signs by Guy Brooke

Guy Brooke
Carved wood doors, signs, furniture & more

Woodblossom Woodwork - Hand carved doors with a personal touch – Interior, Exterior and Screen Doors. The first and last impression your guests will experience at your home. Custom Signs – Your Identity to the World. Whatever type of wood you chose for your sign, you're guaranteed the best, manufactured to your specifications.


 Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Inktense & Zentangle by Meldra Driscoll

Meldra Driscoll
Zentangle & Inktense methods


Zentangle is a form of art that has been around for thousands of years. The method uses thousands of patterns with repetitive pencil or pen strokes -- I call it “Mindful Tangling.” 
Inktense  is painting with ink. The colors are vibrant and intense if layered, or light and airy if using more water and applying very small amounts of pigment.

 Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Aretbella Fine Art Gallery Artebella Fine Art Gallery
Original sculpture, paintings & jewelry by Pamela Searcy plus other local Guest artists.
Pamela Searcy is an artist of diversified talent. She creates esthetically powerful figural bronze sculptures and she also is a painter who works in both the impressionistic and abstract styles.

Guest artists share this quaint gallery space rotating local artists frequently.

​(206) 915-4663

   Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Yakima Artists, Lucy Valderhaug - Sterling Jewelry Artist

Lucy Valderhaug
Mixed Media

All original wearable art designs are made up of different types of medium and within each, designs are especially created with you in mind. Whether you favor copper and sterling designs in metal, the lighter silver designs, or the natural leather, you can find it at L V Design Jewelry.

LV Design Jewelry.com

 Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Yakima Artists, Renee Holwegner, Junque Bird Bath

Renee Holwegner
Metal Art

Junque... It's Frenchlish fer Junk

100% of Junque...it's Frenchlish fer junk profits go back to the Shayla Fund  to help kids like my daughter during their journey with a life-threatening illness.
    I have always loved to recycle and metal has always appealed to me. I started with recycling old copper plumbing pieces because I love how it ages in my garden. Metal, a torch, and imagination become Metal Art for you.


 Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Pamela Caton, Studio K10 - Else Wear

Studio K10
Pamela Caton
Polymer Clay
Mixed Media

Studio K10 designs are a combination of polymer clay with beads, gemstones, semi-precious stones, fiber, or other found objects... all hand made by Pam Caton.

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Bev's Beads - Blue Necklace

Bev's Beads
Bev Vonfeld
Jewelry Design

I love working with beads.  The ease and flexibility allow my creations to be one-of-a-kind. Bev's Beads allows the artistic expression that was meant to be. -- Bev Vonfeld.


Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Yakima Artists, Deborah Ann, Spanish Works - Light on Water

Deborah Ann
Fabric Artist

For over 20 years Deborah Ann rarely met anyone who was doing what she was doing with fabric but when she moved to the Yakima Valley in 1995, all that changed. There is a vibrant community of fabric artists here to help make the most of this art form.

Deborah Ann's Fabric Art Blog

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Morning Coffee - Spirit Doll by Renee Lazorik

Renee Lazorik
Spirit Dolls
Agate Pins
Ceramic Crosses
Mixed Media Designs

Renee loves mixing media, especially beads and fabrics. Her recent direction adds wire to some of her ideas and comes up with something completely different.  Her media includes drawing, quilting, calligraphy, fabric dyeing, beadwork, and creating her own unique glass beads.

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Yakima Artists, Sally Fitch (Nomad Sally),Wearable Textile Art

Nomad Sally
Sally Fitch
Textiles Artist
Ethnic Jewelry

Textile collage incorporating fragments of cloth from every possible source, particularly from ethnic fabrics, characterizes these wearable creations.  The intricate and beautiful fiber work of people from all over our planet inspire Sally to design her own clothing.

Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection

Jan Crocker Pots

Jan Crocker

Although Jan loves working with clay, she has taken a break from pots to pursue other artistic adventures.  Yakima Art Connection hopes that she returns to her very creative potting soon.

   Yakima Artists at Yakima Art Connection




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