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Writing from Mystical Mountain Magic Book Series 

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Guy Brooke

Writing & Books – Where it all began...

     Where it all will end ... Mystical Mountain Magic, a Young Adult fantasy novel series:  Evil fell from the stars and exploded against the mountain. Enticed by this three legged master musician, (the Deceiver), disillusioned men in search of gold and the fountain of youth come to this unspoiled country in pursuit of their greed.

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For most, it's their road to destruction. For one, it's the only road to redemption.

The captain turned quickly to the boy. His eyes grew wild and his hands shook. "Get rids of it, lad; run, or Misty'll drive ya crazy with it, he will. Drive ya bloody crazy, I tell ya.

 Its luster, scent an' sound will do it--I knows; I's seen it, heard it, held it, I did. Run! Throw it away. Though it be worth all the gold in the world, run I say. Run--Run!"

Mystical Mountain 2 book set by Guy Brooks

Mystical Mountain Magic Poster 

Way up on Misty Mountain, where moose migrate to mate

Mists of vapor moisture gather, at its misty mountain lake

And through these mists, on Misty Mountain

a great white eagle soars

As the twinkle of moonlight magic, shimmers lightly by her shore

Now legends mention the moods of this mountain

and where this great white eagle came

And how she may cause her mountain to moan or play music

for Mariah is her name

Mariah, once a young and beautiful maiden, was also very shy

She was loved by all, but only love she could give

was to that misty mountain sky

She had longed dreamed of being Queen

and to rule her secret throne

To either be a part of this mountain or die

for she was to seek its secrets alone

As the next morning was whispering its song

Mariah climbed this mountain, with a feeling that something was wrong

She climbed past its high valley, in search of an answer

then mists stormed in from nowhere, and the mountain began to stir

Up from its marrow the mountain's voice cried,

in hot molten tears that have long since dried

Mariah laughed with magic as she sang with the mountain

then she became this white mighty eagle

as she was bathed in this marrow’s fountain 

Custom Wood Carving designs by Guy Brooke

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