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     Wool Bowls & Vessels                 by Lynda

Nuno felting takes a new turn with these wool vessels and bowls.  Although it would seem like the containers may be delicate, both the silk and wool fibers are durable and strong by themselves, together they are awesome!

These reversible vessels are made with several layers of Merino wool, recycled sweater parts, and wool fabric for stability.  The felting process layers the wool over a "resist" to prohibit the felting in parts and create the void that becomes the containment area.

They are hand washable in warm to cool water (not cold or hot!), gentle soap, no agitation, no machines.  Once wetted again, the shape is finalized over a glass, bowl, box, or by padding with plastic filler to 'block' the shape until dry.  With proper care they will last for many years. 

To find out more information, see in person, or purchase any vessel,
please contact me direct via e-mail:

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

(Click on any image to take a closer look! )

~ Multi-colored Oval Bowl ~

~ Black & Blue Round Bowl ~

~ Purple Yarn Bowl ~

Wool Shirt Bowl with Nuno felting
A Pendleton wool plaid shirt fabric on the outside dictate the Merino wool colors lining the inside.  Enameled beads highlight the tendrils hanging from the edge.
4.5" h x 7.5" x 6.5" oval 
~ Sold ~

Blue & Black wool vessel with beaded band
Denim Blue, black & white Merino and Alpaca wool bowl has white locks and free form beaded peyote band accenting the rim. Inside colors match with Alpaca white highlighting.
5" h x 5.5" round ~ $30
(Plus $6 shipping)

Sweater yarn bowl - Nuno felted
Purples and blues blend together on one side with a small crystal cluster of charms hung on a short chain.
  On the inside, a sunny yellow star burst of color surrounds the
sweater center base.
 A small hole at the base keeps yarn strands from tangling.
3.75" h x 6.25" round ~ $25
(Plus $6 shipping)

  Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

~ Aqua, Blue & Green Wool Bowl ~

~ Rust & Green Sweater Bowl ~

~ Rust & Purple Wool Bowl ~

Wool Aqua square bowl
Blues and dark aqua Merino wool created this unique square bowl with ruffle of wool on one side (shown) and bright blue highlights on the other.
5" h x 8" on the "square" diagonal (about 6" wide)
~ Sold ~

Rust & Green small felted bowl
A hint of the sweater's former life shows through the base on one side and the rim on the other.  Rust, burgundy, green with strands of tussah silk fibers highlight this little vessel.
 3.5" h by 4.5" round
~ Sold ~

Round wool vessel by Lynda Otey
Rust to purple with a touch of white locks around the rim form this urchin looking bowl.
4" h x 7" round ~ $30
(Plus $6 shipping)

 Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

~ Blue & Grey Sweater Box ~

~ Purple Sweater Cuff vessel ~ 

 ~ Confetti Wool Bowl ~

 Sweater Square Box with wool and recycled sweater pieces.
Blues, grey, and black Merino wool in the right form also create a box!  Sweater band lines the top on one side, just wool on the other.
5.5" h x 6.25" on the "square" diagonal (about 5" wide)
~ Sold ~

Sweater Cuff small vessel by Lynda Otey.

Sweater cuff up, small vessel
Cute little vessel with the recycled sweater cuff up or turned down.
 3"h (down) / 4.5" h (up) x 3.5 round ~ $20
(Plus $3 shipping)

 Confetti wool bowl with locks
Fun primary colors mixed in with rainbow sari silk fibers. Natural white locks line the rim on one side while a rainbow of colors show through on the other.
4" h x 7" round ~ $30
(Plus $6 shipping)

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

 Wet Felting over a Resist Instructions - Bowl (PDF)

All the images on this page are the exclusive property of Lynda Otey.
Any use is prohibited without prior written permission.



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