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Wearable Textile Art


Wearable textile Art such as this Blue Shibori Jacket.

I appreciate the sense of freedom that art embodies to allow me to tell a story with fiber and stitching. Textile collage incorporating fragments of cloth from every possible source, particularly from ethnic fabrics, characterizes my wearable creations.

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Nomad Sally - Wearable Textile Art


 Ice Dye technique - by Nomad Sally
Ice Dyed Jacket ~ Fun dyeing technique with great results!

 Ice Dye Technique - Jacket Front

My first batik piece (made in Pokhara, Nepal) of "Pinkie," a precious elephant. The jacket gives honor to Pinkie!

 Pinkie Jacket Front - by Nomad Sally
"Pinkie," front view.  Most of the fabric was found in Southwest China.

Nomad Sally - Wearable Textile Art


AkHa hat inspired from China

Shibori Jacket - Cream

Shibori III (above) was created from a small 14x36 inch kimono remnant of Japanese shibori. 

Guatemala Coat

Plastique Vest

My Akha Hat (above) -- The Akha or Hani as they are called in Xishuangbanna, China, are of Tibetan origin. According to folklore they are descended from frogs' eyes.

The striped trim combines the unique colors of the fabric and accentuates the beauty of the base fabric. Dupioni silk lining with designed rubbings unifies the diverse elements. 

My Guatemalan Zigzag Coat with brilliant orange accents was inspired by talented Guatemalan weavers.

Plastique -- For many years I have been saving unique colorful plastic bags. I love these bags because they are full of great memories of journeys to our favorite places.

Nomad Sally - Wearable Textile Art


X-Press Yourself Jacket
As vistors entered the Larson Gallery, there were sheets of material and pens.  "X-Press Yourself," the sign said.  And visitors did just that.  These expressions, artwork, and designs became my X-Press Yourself Jacket
I will treasure it always.

 Memories of Chili


"Memories of Chile"
In the bottom of an old trunk, I came upon this fabric which I wove 47 years ago while serving in Peace Corps in Chile. What fun it was to create something wearable with my treasure!

Nomad Sally - Wearable Textile Art


The above are part of my Nomad Sally collection and not for sale at this time.
  (I love them too much to part ways.)

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