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 Sculpture Approaches  by Mike Hiler

Ruins by Mike Hiler

My Sculpture ceramics are based on “Slab Clay” construction.  I first roll a series of clay slabs and then cut and form these slabs into cups, bowls, coil type jars and sculpture.


Slab clay sculpture eliminates an important step of clay sculpture; the hollow center required to fire clay objects.  Technically, my clay busts are simply Olla’s turned upside down with a different surface treatment and finish. I find the plastic nature of clay in conjunction with the limits of the hollow clay form, influenced by gravity, to be challenging, rewarding and inherently organic.


For several years I worked part time in the Studio of Benn Bunyar, a Kansas City artist.  From that experience I grew to appreciate the spirit of material in partnership with the artist.  I am also a fan of the sculptor Simon Kogan and his approach to gravity.  One of his large brass sculptures (of William O. Douglas) is in the (Yakima) Davis High School courtyard.


For more information or to see my art in person, Contact Me today!

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Fired Clay Pottery by Mike Hiler - Sculpture



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