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  Past Scarf Designs                     by Lynda

Each handcrafted felted scarf below has found a new home.  However, it may be possible to recreate a similar design using the same silk and wool color combination. Silk scarf base colors are hand dyed so are variegated in shades. Cobweb scarves have no base material... the wool binds together with other wool fibers to create a light, airy, almost see-through piece... like a cobweb.

Each design is original and no two are exactly the same.  Scarf length and width vary, even with similar designs but range between 6-8 inches wide and 72-80 inches long.  Custom orders are always welcome.

~ Felted Art Care & Washing Instructions (PDF) ~

To find out more information or discuss the possibilities,
please contact me direct via e-mail:

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda
(Click on any image to take a closer look! )

Garden Lattice & Yellow Silk ~
Green with Blue highlights
Garden Lattice Scarf by Lynda Otey
Garden Ivy and Blue Merino frame the lattice design made with hand dyed wool yarn.

Dark Aqua Cobweb/Silk ~
Black, Hot Pink, Aqua & Green 

Dark Aqua, Black, Hot Pink & Green Silk Panel Scarf
Deep Aqua silk gauze makes the hot pink, black and moss green Merino wool colors pop out,
Wild and Crazy!

Forest & Wood Cobweb ~
Earth tones, Purple, & Gold
Forest & Wood Cobweb scarf
Merino Wool with silk
highlights & long fringe

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda   
 Black Current Cobweb/Silk ~
Violet, Purple & Blue
Dark purple and Black Current Merino Wool Scarf Art
Dark purple silk gauze panels, cobweb center, wool yarn, and long "feather" accents/fringe.

Patterned Sari Silk & Cobweb ~
Blue shades & Black
Blue & Black Sari silk and merino wool scarf art
Merino wool, yarn & bead accents within cobweb and on fringed ends. Gradient blue patterned Sari silk from India.

  Garden Ivy & Green Silk ~
Multi Greens
Garden Ivy wook on Dyed Silk Green Panel by Lynda Otey
Garden Ivy green Merino and hand dyed green silk panel.

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda 

Sandalwood Cobweb ~
Gold, Orange Sheep Locks
Cobweb scarf with locks
Merino Wool with natural Locks

Aqua Cobweb ~
Woven Merino lattice strands
Cool colors, woven mesh, Nuno felted scarf
Merino Wool with silk and
cotton highlights

Purple Cobweb ~
Merino with Tussah silk
Merino wool and tussah silk Nuno felted scarf
Merino Wool, Tussah silk and
wool yarn accents

   Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda



Garden Ivy & Black Cobweb ~
Black, Garden Ivy Green
Garden Ivy Cobweb & Silk Scarf by Lynda Otey 
Garden Ivy & Black Merino with highlights of blue & moss colors in the wool yarn, silk panels, and fibers.

Cayenne Silk ~
Olive & Orange
Silk scarf with nuno felting accents
Merino Wool & Silk


Autumn Violet Cobweb/Silk ~
Violet, Purple & Rose Pink
Autumn Purples Merino wool & silk
Pastel violet silk gauze panels with wool yarns and rose pink natural locks accents.

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

Olive Green Cobweb ~
Teal, Purple, Red, & Green
Olive Nuno Cob web scarf by Lynda Otey
Merino Wool & Wool Yarn
& Bead Highlights


English Garden Cobweb ~
Aqua, Green & Blue
English Garden Cobweb Scarf
Merino Wool with Silk panels
felted into the design


Garnet & Gold Cobweb ~
Purple, Blue, Gold

Garnet Cogweb with gold scarf
Merino Wool & Wool
yarn accents





Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda 

All the images on this page are the exclusive property of Lynda Otey. Any use is prohibited without prior written permission. 



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