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Nomad Sally
      Passion for Fabric... Beyond the pattern

Fabric has fascinated me ever since I was able to hold scissors. This fascination for fiber took on international dimensions when I participated in a student exchange program in Guatemala, Peace Corps service in the Chilean Andes, and cultural study grants in Pakistan, Bolivia, and Guatemala. I was impressed by the native women artisans in these areas dyeing, weaving and embroidering complex and exotic designs.

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Textile collage incorporating fragments of cloth from every possible source, particularly from ethnic fabrics, characterizes my wearable creations.  The intricate and beautiful fiber work of peoples from all over our planet – embroidery of the Miao and Dong People of Southwest China and Tribal Areas of the Middle East, Shibori of Japan, India and China, weaving of the Maya and Andean regions, and batik from many areas – inspire me to design my own clothing to honor the works of these passionate and talented artisans. 

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 Wearable Textile Art

 Wearable Textile Art by Nomad Sally Fitch

Accessorize With Art 

Ethnic Jewelry by Sally Fitch

  Textiles and jewelry seem go together,
 like love to marriage.

When a home robbery resulted in the loss of almost all my tribal jewelry, great changes took place.  First of all, through incredible detective work and much sleuthing, I found a great part of the collection, except the robbery had cut everything into pieces.

IKAT (above) -- It's an amazing dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye either on the warp or weft fibres.

Wearable textile Art such as this Blue Shibori Jacket.


  So, I have had to learn how to reassemble these treasures. Quite frankly, it’s been much fun. What I really enjoy is trying to imagine where all these pieces have been in the several hundred years of their existence. Who have they known and where have they traveled?

Above you see a few of these reconstructed necklaces from all parts of our globe. Yemen, Ethiopia, Mali, Nepal, India, Egypt, Venice, Afghanistan. 

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