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  2 Blu Hands 2 Blu Hands - Art by Renee Lazorik

 by Renee Lazorik

    I've taken formal classes in drawing, quilting, calligraphy, fabric dyeing, beadwork, and creating my own unique glass beads. I have traveled extensively and collected special pieces as I go that I incorporate into new treasures and designs. 
     I love
 mixing media, especially beads and fabrics.  My latest  direction adds wire to my ideas and I've come up with something completely different.  Although I am primarily self
 taught in techniques, my art is itself a creative process... constantly evolving.   See what 2 Blu Hands has evolved into and offering special designs for you...

Spirit Dolls

Agate Pins

Painted Crosses

 Time for Wine Spirit Doll - 2 Blu Hands 

 Agate Pins - by Renee Lazorik - 2 Blu Hands

Painted Crosses - by Renee Lazorik, 2 Blu Hands 

Spirit Dolls are hand-crafted to represent the guardian spirits of our world. Fabrics and colors are woven together into these beautiful Lady Spirits.

Agate Pins marry the natural agate stone slices with the a decorative beaded frame, bringing out the stone's highlights. Each are unique and one of a kind.

These Porcelain Crosses are hand painted with beautiful designs coordinated but unique on each side. Each cross measures 5" tall and tells a story all its own.

For more information or to order any products from Renee, e-mail to:

E-mail Duane Heilman for more information.  


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