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    Fired Clay    by Mike Hiler


I have attended a number of art schools, including the University of Missouri, Kansas City Art institute, San Miguel Allende (U of GTO, Mexico) and received my art degree from San Francisco State University. I presently focus on ceramics but I also combine clay forms with wood and other sculptural materials.

After art school I worked as a Fire lookout and Wilderness ranger in the Washington Cascades.  Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and camping in Wilderness, I encountered many interesting “old timers.”  From that experience I published a historical tribute to those people and places titled “Buckskin Larch and Bedrock” (Cave Moon press).

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Cave Moon Press has released my latest poetry book, “Listos.” Find it at local Yakima book outlets -- Oak Hollow, Inklings, & Larson Gallery -- or on Amazon.com.
Mike's Fired Clay around town...

Mike Hiler - Windows Alive - Downtown Yakima through March 2018

This is just one of the Fired Clay peices displayed in Yakima's Windows Alive! Exhibit, on the Ave, near Hotel Masion, Downtown Yakima, through February 2018.

Also see my work at The Boxx through January, OH Art for the Holidays, and Larson Gallery exhibits!

Ongoing Sales &

Visit Oak Hollow Gallery & Larson Gallery, both in Yakima. Items change often and I'd love to hear your comments - Contact me.

For more information or to see my art in person, Contact Me today!

Mike Hiler, Fired Clay, Cups & Bowls, & Teapots, too

Fired Clay by Mike Hiler, Jars and Ollas

Mike Hiler, Fired Clay, Sculptures

Mike Hiler - Connected to his Art through the forests.

Cups & Bowls

Jars & Ollas

Sculpture Approaches  Connected to Art

My cups and tableware are approached primarily as sculpture.
I strive to create forms that can be functional and establish a personal and tactile connection with users.
My artistic point of departure is to respond organically to ceramic materials, tradition, and processes to capture the spirit of fired clay.

I studied native clays and forms while in Mexico.  There, students threw on hand built kick wheels and processed local clays to learn about native crafts.

  Today I enjoy working with earthenware, terra cotta, and native clays to explore earthenware fired jars and containers. 

My portraits are inspired by people I know, historical figures I respect, and personalities I’ve encountered. 
I believe that capturing the essence of a unique character is like capturing the concept of a useful cup or bowl; the point of departure for each is unique and success is gauged by an intangible response to clay.

I have many interests that take me outside my studio and connect me to new, novel, and personally meaningful forms and materials.  

It is hard to talk about my art without addressing these pursuits though they may reside outside the Yakima Art Community.  



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