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Hearts to You! Metal Art by Renee Holwegner

More Hearts by Renee Holwegner for the Shayla Fund
(click to enlarge)

Hearts to You - Made of the punched out holes from structural metal, I recycle and weld them together into a heart shape. These two are about 10" inches at the widest point.

Prices range from $35-$75
(Materials & design vary)

These Metal Art pictures represent just a few of the functional yard art pieces I create.
  Because I use and re-use what's available at the time, the actual finished pieces will be different
than pictured.
That also means they are each unique... one of a kind... and yours to enjoy.


Reflection Circle by Renee Holwegner
(click to enlarge)

Reflection Circles - Light seems to shimmer and reflect all around you. Approximately 3' tall but custom height is available.

Prices range from $50-$100
(Materials & design vary)


Evening Glow by Renee Holwegner
(click to enlarge)

Evening Glow - Upcycled lamp glass and rusty coil create this patio focus. Approximately 4' tall but custom height is available.

Prices range from $50-$100
(Materials & design vary)


Hangin' Heart by Renee Holwegner
(click to enlarge)

Hangin' Heart - Hang this recycled material hear to frame your garden treasures.  Heart approximately 2' tall plus hanger -- custom size is available.

Prices range from $30-$50
(Materials & design vary)


Busting Out All Over - by Renee Holwegner
(click to enlarge)

Busting Out All Over - A feminine form made of chicken wire. caressing dried flowers, and hung on an Axel stand.  Vintage light stands in as her shoulders. Approximately 4' tall.

Prices range from $75-$100
(Materials & design vary)

Junque Bird Bath
(click to enlarge)

Rakin' in the Birds - Gears, rake heads, & a beautiful ceramic platter turn these metal discards into a exquisite bird bath. Approximately 3' tall but custom height is available.

Prices range from $50-$100
(Materials & design vary)

Junque Barbed Wire Heart Trellis
(click to enlarge)

Lovin' Heart Trellis - Barbed wire is just the thing for a climbing vine to hold on to.  Hearts remind us how much we love our gardens.  Approximately 4' by 4'.

Prices range from $60 - $100, depending on size.

Junque Swirly S Trellis
(click to enlarge)

Swirly S Trellis - More Barbed wire with swirly S's to support even the smallest of plants.  Great for climbing roses. Approximately 2.5' by 3.5'.

Prices range from $60 - $100, depending on the size

Junque Chicken Wire Dress Bust Topiary
(click to enlarge)

Dress Bust Topiary - Chicken Wire fashion is inspired by the feminine form in this wild and wonderful topiary support structure. Standing about 3' tall, the color decor is your choice.


Junque Diamond Trellis
(click to enlarge)

Simplicity - Approximately 5' tall x 16" wide, Simplicity is a combination of rusted recycled metals with a splash of galvanized detail. Use as wall or garden art.

Price: $80
Visit Selah Ridge Lavender Festival, in July.

Rustic Bells
(click to enlarge)

Rustic Bells - These bells are made of retired oxygen/acetelyn tank caps and have the best sound!

Price: $35 each

Roller Wind Chimes
(click to enlarge)

Large Wind Chimes - Made of old conveyer belt rollers, gears, miscellaneous recycled wire, chain sockets, etc. They weigh about 70 lbs and are approx 6 feet tall from top to bottom. (They really are large!)

Price: $200 each

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