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InkSpirations Art by Meldar Driscoll
Meldra Driscoll

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Zentangle Method®

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  I recently moved back to the Yakima area from Vancouver, WA. I’m immensely enjoying this area especially its climate and the abundance of produce available. I love that this is a community that loves the arts.

  My artwork comes in a variety of forms via ink and fabric painting, Mindful-Tangle, and watercolors. I've taught art throughout my life and love to help people learn to be creative. The sparkle in the eye and the satisfied smile are my rewards.

  Contact me to teach a social group the Mindful-Tangle method or a basic watercolor lesson.  InkSpirations Prints are also available for sale.
Email me at:    

InkSpirations Art Studio with Meldra Driscoll


The Royal Elephant - Zentangle Method by Meldra Driscoll
The Royal Elephant
Zentangle Method
by Meldra Driscoll

  Zentangle  is a form of art that has been around for thousands of years.  However recently, a method of teaching it and a theory of meditation-type art has been perfected by the founders of the Zentangle method.

  I’ve been incorporating this type of art in my work for many years prior to it being developed and publicized.   I love to enhance my paintings with Mindful-Tangling and find that beginners love to learn they can be creative with this relaxing, calming way of being creative. The method uses thousands of patterns with repetitive pencil or pen strokes -- I call it “Mindful Tangling.”  It reflects the psychological relaxation and focus I enjoy.

InkSpirations Art Studio with Meldra Driscoll



  Inktense   is painting with ink. Inktense pencil lead turns to ink when water touches it! The process of allowing the ink to dry between layers keeps layers from mixing together to get a muddy look. The colors are vibrant and intense if layered, or light and airy if using more water and applying very small amounts of pigment. Inktense pencils may also be used to paint on fabric.


Watercolor and Inktense by Meldra Driscoll
Music Blessings
Inktense on Watercolor
by Meldra Driscoll

InkSpirations Art Studio with Meldra Driscoll



 It's Easy!   It's Fun!   It's Relaxing!   It's Mindful!

”I Paint With Ink” demonstrations are often at Oak Hollow Gallery, Chalet Place, 56th & Summitview, Yakima.  If you're interested in taking classes in Watercolors, Mindful-Tangling, Ink and Fabric Painting or just want to see what it's all about, contact me for dates & times.

I am available to teach your social group a 2-hour class in any of the methods taught.
Group size is a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 participants at Oak Hollow Gallery.  
Email me if your group is larger than 10 and/or to talk about pricing.

I am also available to teach Watercolor & Alcohol Ink classes.
Contact me for additional information.

Sample Watercolor class - by InkSpirations 

Sample Water Color Class by Meldrra Driscoll 

Another sampel water color from InkSpirations 

Sample class with Meldra Driscoll

Sample images for ongoing Watercolor and Alcohol Ink classes.  Click image to enlarge.

Class List Download (PDF)


 InkSpirations Art Studio with Meldra Driscoll



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Zentangle Method was created by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas.
 © 2016 - The Cumberland Pencil Company Derwent House
All the images on this page are the exclusive property of Meldra Driscoll.  Any use is strictly prohibited without written permission.


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