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     Wearable Felted Fiber Art            by Lynda

These handcrafted scarves combine silk, gauze and wool fibers to create a beautiful scarf, great fashion style, and keep you warm at the same time.  Silk scarf base colors are hand dyed so are variegated in shades. Cobweb scarves have no base... the wool binds together with other wool fibers to create a light, airy, almost see-through piece, like a cobweb. The silk is felted with the other wool fibers in a process known as Nuno (Japanese word for cloth) felting. The end result is dazzling!

Each design is original and although no two are exactly the same, similar designs are possible. Scarf length and width does vary but custom orders are always welcome.

Cool colors, woven mesh, Nuno felted scarf

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~ Link to wool bowls & vessels ~

Blue & Black wool vessel with beaded band


~ Felted Art Care & Washing Instructions (PDF) ~


To find out more information or purchase any felted item,
please contact me via e-mail:

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

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Just for Fun!  New!


Lime & Wine nuno felted Silk scarf
Green, lime & Burgundy Merino Wool on Eco dyed silk panel (Pomegranate) with Tencel highlights and tendril edging of black silk panel.
8" by 74" ~ $55
(Plus $6 shipping

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

Felted Tunic Top - Size Medium - 10/12
Merino Wool with a Cotton Gauze base creates this breathable sleeveless tunic top.  Silk panel, yarn, and cotton gauze accents provide texture.
Size Medium (10/12) ~ $125
(Plus $6 shipping)
~ Sold ~

Lapel Pins & Brooches
Lapel /Brooch Pins in two styles.  All about 2-3 inches across.
$20 each (plus $4 shipping)
(or stop by Oak Hollow Gallery,
in Yakima, WA)

Denim Blue Fingerless mittens by Lynda Otey
Reversible, Fingerless Mittens. Styles & colors vary but usually find a touch of wild sparkle on one side.  Medium & Large
$25   (Plus $6 shipping)

Felted Birdhouse Wall Decoration by Lynda Otey
Dimensional textured Birdhouse for inside or out.  (Special washing & blocking instructions included.)
This birdhouse is quite the conversational topic of interest -  9.5" tall, bead and yarn highlights.
$35   (Plus $6 shipping)

 Eco Dyed Madder Root Scarf
Madder Root Dyed Silk - Natural Eco dyed Madder root silk panel is highlighted by Mohave Red Merino Wool with Yarn highlights.
8" x 76" ~ $55
(Plus $6 shipping)

Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

Felted Vest, Size Medium - 10/12
Stay warm in this maroon, blue, black & white Merino Wool vest with a black Cotton Gauze base. Tencel and beadwork add a little sparkle and bead loops hook on the hand crafted Copper & Enamel buttons.
Size Medium (10/12) ~ $125
(Plus $6 shipping)



Blues & Gold wet felted on silk panel
Denim & dark blues with gold highlighted Merino wool on light blue silk panel. Great for casual jean wear.
8" by 82" ~ $55
(Plus $6 shipping)

Salt & Pepper Cobweb Scarf
Salt & Pepper Merino Cobweb outlined with black and
Aqua, Purple, Blue wool yarn accents.
6" by 70" ~ $45
(Plus $6 shipping)


 Golden Locks on Eco Dyed Silk by Lynda Otey
Merino Wool with golden wool locks and variegated yarns.  Tumeric eco dyed silk is bright yellow.
8" by 82" ~ $55
(Plus $6 shipping)

Blue sea colors on white silk nuno felted scarf.
Cool Sea Breeze Merino wool colors on white silk panel with fringe & tencel highlights.
8" by 78"
~ Sold ~

 Merino Wool grid on black cotton gauze
Autumn hues of red, yellow, & green in a grid pattern on black cotton gauze panel.
8" by 78"
~ Sold ~

Cranberry Cobwe Scarf by Lynda Otey
Cranberry & Pink wool yarns run the full length and beyond for the beaded fringe of this Cobweb scarf.
7" by 76" ~ $45
(Plus $6 shipping


Warm confetti colors from Granada Merino wool
Warm Hollyberry confetti wool colors & Sari silk accents, buttercup yellow silk gauze ruffled panels and fringed ends.
~ Sold ~

 Black & Grey Silk Scarf by Lynda Otey
Black, White & Grey Merino Wool with Tencel highlights and tendril edging of black silk panel.
10" by 76"
~ Sold ~

Rainbow colors & Silk Scarf by Lynda Otey
Shades of a Rainbow Merino wool on white silk - Purple, Violet, Blue, Aqua, Green, Lime, Orange to Red with yarn textures and light silk edging and ruffles.
~ Sold ~ 



Granada Cobweb scarf
Merino Granada Cobweb Multi-colored Earth tones Wool & wool
yarn accents with fringed ends.

~ Sold ~

 Pastel Pink Silk Gauze with Merino wool edging by Lynda Otey.
Hollyberry Reds & Pink Silk Merino Wool edging with wool yarn and locks accents.  Just a touch of Angelina fibers for sparkle.
8" x 72" ~ $55
(Plus $6 shipping)

Polwarth Lattice on Cheesecloth Scarf by Lynda Otey
Polwarth wool (mostly Merino blend) angled for a geometrically shaped layered strips on cotton gauze panel. 
~ Sold ~


Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

Although the scarf looks delicate, both the silk and wool fibers are durable and strong, especially when felted together. With proper care it will last for many years.
My silk and wool are from different sources but my favorite is right hear in Yakima at Bead & Body. For even more choices in Fibers, I go to Alpacabilities etsy shop.
Wool & Silk Nuno Felted Scarves by Lynda

All the images on this page are the exclusive property of Lynda Otey.
Any use is prohibited without prior written permission.



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