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LV Design Jewelry Something very different       by Lucy Valderhaug               
 Stop by & see Lucy...
Lucy is always with other Yakima Artists at the June Art Fest at Chalet Place, the second Saturday in June.  Also visit Oak Hollow Gallery to see her designs in person. 

  About Lucy's Designs...
All original artwork designs are made of different types of medium and within each, designs are especially created with you in mind. Whether you favor copper and sterling
Designs in Metal, the lighter silver designs of Initially Yours, or the natural Leather & More, you can find it at L V Design Jewelry.

Below are just a few samples available for purchase. 
All items are custom, individual, and made to order.  Actual piece may vary slightly from the pictures shown.
Visit Lucy online at: www.lvdesignjewelry.com for more of her designs.
Email Lucy at:    

Sterling Silver, Leather, and Beautiful colored spools by Lucy Valderhaug 

Beautiful Colored Spools - Sterling Silver spools covered in 11/0 Japanese Delica beads with wonderful color combinations.  Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces in many different color choices.  Contact Lucy today for your person preview.

Please contact me for more information.

Drilled Stones, Sterling Silver & Leather by Lucy Valderhaug

Rock your World - So simple, so elegant, so basic and down to earth... literally. Hand drilled stones with sterling silver and natural stone accents for that unique look.

Please contact me for more information.

Balanced Spheres Sterling Silver Necklace
(click to enlarge)

Balanced Spheres Necklace - Everything Sterling makes up this one of a kind and unique artistic expression.  Varying lengths of spheres on the 22" - 24" chain move with you wherever you go.  $310  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)

Please contact me for more information.

Dramatic Sterling Silver Chain Necklace
(click to enlarge)

Dramatic Chain Sterling Necklace - The graduated chain lengths are designed to flow and move with you.  This 22" - 24" dramatic Sterling Silver necklace conforms to the contour of your neck for a very comfortable look and feel. $290  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)

Please contact me for more information.

Pink shell & German Silver necklace
(click to enlarge)

Pink Shells & German Silver Necklace - Pink and white Sea Shells are nestled together creating a feel of the sea shore.  The two inch German Silver links make this casual summer necklace just long enough to slip over your head. $90 (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)

Please contact me for more information.

Sterling and Heshi beads with Hemitite Necklace.
(click to enlarge)

Heshi Bead & Sterling Necklace - A Hematite stone is mounted on a Sterling Silver half round plate with unique and artistic features close by.  This 26" - 28" necklace strand is made with Heshi beads and dots of Sterling mixed in. $159   (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)

Please contact me for more information.

 Key to my Heart Necklace
(click to enlarge) 

Coral, Turquoise & Sterling Key & Heart Pendant Necklace - This favorite motif, 32" - 34" handmade sterling Key and Heart pendant set is highlighted by Coral and Turquoise nuggets.  $125  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)

Please contact me for more information.

Citrine and Amethist Ladder Necklace
(click to enlarge)

Citrine & Amethyst Necklace - One of my earlier challenges, this Citrine and Amethyst stone necklace is highlighted by the Sterling Silver ladder, set in stone, and dangles from the bottom rung. Necklace length is approx 26" - 28" long.  $190 (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)

Please contact me for more information.

Black Branch Coral & German Silver Necklace
(click to enlarge)


Black Branch Coral & German Silver Necklace -
Two inch long links at the end of a strand of Black Coral make this necklace just long enough to slip over your head for a casual but elegant summer look. $90 (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)

Please contact me for more information.

 Necklaces - Turquoise & Silver Necklace
(click to enlarge)

Turquoise & Silver Necklace - Sterling silver links, coins, and disc charms along with pearls and turquoise create a versatile 38" necklace. Wear it long or double up for a more elegant look. $175 (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)

Please contact me for more information.

Russion Icon Pendant by LV Design Jewelry Featured Design
(click to enlarge)

Beaded Russian Icon Pendant Necklace -  This piece was inspired by a Mary Hill Museum Icon Exhibit. The icon image is encased in resin and surrounded by a beaded frame. Custom lengths and features are available as each Pendant Necklace is made just for you.  $250  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling) 


 Necklaces - Turquoise & Copper Necklace
lick to enlarge)

Heart Pins also available

Turquoise & Copper Necklace
Turquoise contrasts the copper coins and large links while accenting with smaller sterling links to make this 32" necklace.  Center Heart design pendant combines both metals to tie the piece together. $125 (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling)


LV Design Jewelry - Rectangle Sterling Swirl (Post) Earrings
(click to enlarge)

Sterling Silver Swirls - The texture of these post back earrings swirl with grace and graduating rectangle down to a silver nugget. Length is 2" total. $65  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling).


LV Design Jewelry - Flower & Ring 
(click to enlarge)

Flower & Ring - Post earrings are the base for these sterling silver blossom and textured ring. The flower and ring together are about 1¾" long. $70  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling). 


 LV Design Jewelry - Oval Sterling Siler Earrings
(click to enlarge)

Oval Sterling Silver - French Ear Wires connect to this Sterling hoop and nugget for a total length of 3". $65  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling).


LV Design Jewelry - Cross Hatch Texture (Post) Earrings
(click to enlarge)

Cross Hatch Texture - Two Sterling rectangles and a disk create a new dimension for lines. These post earrings are 2" in length. $65  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling).


LV Design Jewelry - All Tied Up
(click to enlarge)

All Tied Up - You'll love being All Tied Up with this handcrafted, 2½" long sterling design on French ear wires. $75  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling).


LV Design Jewelry - Oval Chains
click to enlarge)

Oval Chains- This 2½" Oval chain earring set is wonderfully highlighted with textured disks of sterling. $75  (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling).

LV Design Jewelry - Initially Yours - Bangle Bracelet Bangle Bracelet - Solid Sterling hammered rings measuring 8" around (2¾" diameter) with 1 sterling coin and large initial of your choosing. Special requests for larger or smaller diameter are available at no additional cost. $50 (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling). 
Letter(s) - One per bracelet

LV Design Jewelry - Coins Galore - Individual 1 inch charm.


Coins Galore - Individual 1" coins, each one with that special look of sterling. Price per coin is $30 and includes a single initial of your choice on a leather cord. (plus tax & $10 shipping & handling).

Letter(s) - One per coin ordered

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