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June Art Fest

June Art Fest 2016 - “Spring Reeds” by Carol Hassen
"Spring Reeds"
  by Carol Hassen

 Mark Your Calendar for
Yakima Area Invitational Art Show

Annual Fine Art Fair
Saturday, June 10, 2017,
9am - 5pm

Chalet Place Mall
56th & Summitview, Yakima

For more info and application, visit:
June Art Fest.com

Click on any Artist's image to take a closer look.

Wood Art by John Barany of JSB Arts
John Barany 

Chalet Art Fest - by Rob Blackaby

Rob Blackaby


Vicki DeRooy at June Art Fest - Annually the second Saturday in June.

Vicki DeRooy

by Jane Fassel

Bob Fisher at June Art Fest - Annually the second Saturday in June.

Bob Fisher


Sara Gettys - June Art Fest Artist

Sara Gettys

Carol Hassen at June Art Fest - Annually the second Saturday in June.

Carol Hassen

Sarah Haven Pottery

Sarah Haven

October Rain by Duane Heilman

Duane Heilman

Fired Clay by Mike Hiler

Mike Hiler


Eunsil Kim - Yakima artist

Eunsil Kim

Kevin Kuntz - Copper cuffs

Kevin Kuntz



June Art Fest Artwork by LeAnne Ries

LeAnne Ries

Penn Shelton, June Art Fest Artist
Penn O. Shelton


June Art Festival Artist Delma Tayer

Delma Tayer

et Place Mall
each Second Saturday
of June


Lou Toweill - Yakima artist

Lou Toweill

Sterling Silver Spools - Jewelry Art by Lucy Valderhaug

Lucy Valderhaug

For an applicatin and more info, visit


June Art Festival at Chalet Place Mall

 June Art Fest - 2014

June Art Fest - 2014

  June Art Fest - 2014
 June Art Fest - 2014   June Art Fest - 2014



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