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 Jan Crocker Pottery

Although Jan loves working with clay, she has taken a break from pots to pursue other artistic adventures.  Yakima Art Connection hopes that she returns to her very creative potting soon.  


Pottery Pieces

Jan Crocker Pottery - White carved pot

The Wobblies are pots that find their own position in space.  They all seem to have little personalities of their own.


Jan Crocker Pottery - Black and white wobblie

My Pottery Pieces are all fired at lower temperatures than foodware.  I use a variety of methods and materials to get the colors and textures.



Jan Crocker Pottery - Black and white patch pot

Patch Pots





Many of my pottery pieces are experiments such as my Patch Pots.  These are made using gourds as molds with the final outcome always being unique.

Opening the kiln, as many potters will tell you, is very exciting. One never knows for sure how pots will turn out and that first look is with great anticipation. It's so much fun to do this and I'm always learning, trying new things, and hoping to improve.


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