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 JSB Arts  Wood Art by John S. Barany

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Twig Vase II, Paper Birch 6x9"
Fully lathe-turned and hollowed. Good for dried flower arrangements but pretty enough to stand on its own.  Poly-coated, buffed and polished to luster.  Signed & Dated by
 John S Barany.
Orange Bowl #2, 3 ½ x13" 
Norway Maple salad bowl with matching Utensils featuring the new 'ergonomic handles'. Finished in poly-coating buffed and polished to luster.  Food Safe! Signed & Dated by
 John S Barany.       $175
3's a Crowd, Bracelet Box 8x12"
Two angel fish stealing a sweet kiss while the little baby angel looks on.  Private Collection: I totally love doing commissions uniquely specific for people involved.
Call me: 509-949-5873
Salad Bowl #2, 3x9"
Hard Maple salad bowl lathe-turned, finished with multiple poly-coating buffed and polished to lustre.
Signed & Dated by
John S Barany        $125
Giant Bowl, 34" diameter
American Black Walnut roughed out.
The Broken Arm Lathe I acquired last spring is now working full time making large, up to 3ft diameter, wall pieces and bowls. These magnificent works take a year (sometimes more) to finish and come with a photo montage of progress from tree to completion.  Most are commission-only and can be finished to your own unique design criteria, with carving, engraving, paint. Nothing bigger than 7', please.  Call me:  509-949-5873
Chalice Triptych, 3-6x5-8"
A mug, a wine glass, or a cup can be bought for a buck.  But a Chalice marks a special occasion.  Paper birch, fully lathe-turned and hollowed, finished with epoxy multicoats, buffed and polished to luster. Food Safe!  Signed by
 John S Barany          $200

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 Shipping options vary.  Please contact me to arrange for purchase and shipping.
All the images on this page are the exclusive property of John S. Barany.  Any use is strictly prohibited without written permission. 

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