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 JSB Arts  Wood Art by John S. Barany

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Sushi Party Server - 15x24x5" American Black Walnut set of lidded bowls made especially to serve sushi, sashimi, or... The central lid hides a set of food benches surrounding a bowl for rice. Each lid is carved and hand painted.  Call me.

Aluminite Vase - 5 1/2x6" combination maple burl/resin lathe-turned and hollowed. Call me. Sashimi Celebration 12x12x36" stepped platform bowl in natural edge Paperbark Birch. Lathe-turned and hollowed, finished in food safe, cleanable epoxy and poly-coat buffed to a satin sheen. Included are black walnut utensils for the central salad bowl and 2 sets of chopstix for sushi.  Call me.

Hummingbird Vase - (Private collection, not for sale).  This piece features a hummingbird hovering over a pink Hibiscus.  Hand-carving and painting family icons make commission-work a joy and they stretch me into new realms of ideas and skills.   Call me.

Helping Hands - The best way to mix a salad is with human hands.  These 'hands' are specially made of birch and are stored in their own 'vase.'  These are 'sculptural' and appealing enough to sit out on the counter (rather than stuffed
in a drawer).
  "Voulez vous du Cafe?" #1 - Would you like some coffee?  This 'coffee can' is the perfect size for about 5 days of ground coffee.  I tried to teach my daughter french and always started with this sentence in hopes she would repeat it and I would say "yes" and she would go get my coffee. Hmmmm.
It is done in paper bark birch and the global lid is heavily carved with various coffee themes in different languages. The scoop is a spoon specifically made for a right-handed person (I also have a left-handed coffee can/scoop). These fit all coffee-makers, even Keurig.       $200 (a steal)
Cherry Burl Elevated Platter - (Private collection, not for sale) 26" diameter elevated platter... or is it a shallow bowl?  This one, just finished,  was sold before it was done but I have 2 more gorgeous roughed out pieces from the same Ornamental Cherry tree and I'm just dying to complete them to suit somebody.
Call me: 509-949-5873
  "Voulez vous du Cafe?" #2 - This is the 2nd 'coffee can' and has the left-handed scoop spoon. The global lid is carved with the title of the work. Carved from paper bark birch, air-brushed, poly-coated, food safe. $150 

Serving Stack - A set of 5 stacking serving trays, 8-14"x~6-8"American Black Walnut.  The trays can be used separately or together in any combination because they fit consecutively like a jig-saw puzzle.  They have the bark left on and are truly magnificent with all the color contrasts.  Finished with epoxy, then poly-coated, buffed and polished, food safe.
Meant to be stored as a sculpture in a stack rather than stuffed in a drawer.  They also have hemp hangars and matching holes for hang-storage and each has runners so it won't be marred by stone counter tops!

ARE WE IN THIS TOGETHER? -  Gary Dismukes came over with a raku mask 3 weeks ago and it knocked my socks off with shock, worry, fright, almost terror.  I made a carving of several faces inspired by his mask to intone the project of doing work with multiple other artists and the discomfort each of us felt working together and working in a new 3-dimensional medium.
Leo Vase #1 -  Leo Adams second vase had a more sensitive, feminine form.  He gave it a warmer, shall I say Hottie Blue, set of fleurs and an arrangement of friendly twigs and dried flowers and I can't decide which I like best.
Water Lilies and Koi - Brian Holtzinger was able to get the lily leaves to 'flow' over the lip of this bowl and down into the Koi pond.

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