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InkSpirations Art by Meldar Driscoll - Zentangle, Inktense & Watercolors
Meldra Driscoll

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  All the methods of achieving a watercolor painting... salt, wet on wet, luminosity, splatter, etc., can easily be used with Inktense.  Inktense gets its vibrant color because of the concentrated pigment the company uses to make the ink, and layering it just intensifies the color.   The value of Inktense painting for me is that layering is simple to do because of the permenance of a previous dry layer that doesn't come up
and actually mix with the new layer.

InkSpirations Inktense Prints are available for sale. Contact me  to inquire about pricing

InkSpirations Art Studio with Meldra Driscoll

Create Art - 11x17
Create Art - 11" x 17"


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Inktense uses  a special set of pencils, made by the
Derwent Co.


Breathe - Inktense by Meldra Driscoll
Breathe - 8" x 8

Music Inktense by Meldra Driscol 
Music Blessings - 11" x 17"

Inktense on Fabric, Poppies, by Meldra Driscoll  
Poppies - 5" x 7"
(Inktense on Fabric)


Amazing Grace by Meldra Driscoll
Amazing Grace - 11" x 14"


These special pencils
turn into ink
when water is touched
to the color.


Adding layers, increases depth
and color intensity .


Heartfelt by Meldra Driscoll
Heartfelt - 12" x 12"


Inktense on Fabric - Purple Passion by Meldra Driscoll
Purple Passion - 5" x 12"
(Inktense on Fabric)

This Day by Meldra Driscoll
This Day... - 11" x 17"

Inktense on Fabric - Poppies #2 by Meldra Driscoll
Poppies #2 on T-Shirt

Toward the Light by Meldra Driscoll
Toward the Light - 11" x 17"
Depth & shading is easily accomplished with a water drop.

Sunflower - 8: x 10
Sunflower 8" x 10"

All the above prints are available for purchase -- Contact me!  

InkSpirations Art Studio with Meldra Driscoll

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Zentangle Method was created by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas.
© 2016 - The Cumberland Pencil Company Derwent House
All the images on this page are the exclusive property of Meldra Driscoll.  Any use is strictly prohibited without written permission.


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