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Custom Hickory Kitchen Cabinets by Guy Brooke 

Furniture As Art
Crafted by:
Guy Brooke

Custom Furniture As Art – Your Unique Home

     Customized Furniture and Art to make a statement or blend in with your home’s personality.  You have an idea, a budget and our attention –what dream can we build for you today?

Link to read more about Guy's work in the Yakima Magazine article
-- Woodblossom Woodworks --

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Carved Bed Frame by Guy Brooke
Shaker bed - made from reclaimed wood
Dining room Hutch by Guy Brooke
Country split frame cabinet/hutch made
with Sugar Pine

Bed Frame by Guy Brooke
Custom Alder wood bed with random end cut headboard

Walking Cane by Guy Brooke
Rose carved Cane from
Alder & Maple



Close up detail of handle carving by Guy Brooke
Detail of Rose Carving

Guy Brooke - Woodblossom - Custom Carved Furniture
Couch table - Walnut slab with antiqued
metal frame

 Sofa Table by Guy Brooke
Slab cut table - transforms into a bench  

What the Prairie Dog Saw by Guy Brooke
What the Prairie Dog Saw (3' x 6')

 Celtic Heads by Guy Brooke
Celtic heads carved in Alder wood

Custom Dining Table by Guy Brooke
Custom Pine table with expandable leaves and carved legs


Captain's Chair by Guy Brooke
Custom carved captain's chair
with eagle carving

Garden Bench by Guy Brooke
Custom southwest bench carved
 from Sugar Pine


Dining Room table by Guy Brooke
Custom oak table and chairs
with Maple inlay

Feathered Sunrise King Bed frame by Guy Brooke
Custom carved king bed with head and
foot boards carved into a feathered
sunrise - made with Sugar Pine

Custom Wood Carving designs by Guy Brooke

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For more information, poems, and music by Guy Brook, visit:  GuyBrooke.com
Contact Guy at 509.653-1183 for any questions or to arrange for a personal consultation.

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All images on this page are the exclusive property of Guy Brooke.
 Any use is prohibited without prior written permission.



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"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

-- Henry David Thoreau

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