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Duane Heilman - Painter

You can see a sampling of Duane's work at many local Yakima area events and shows such as
June Art Fest and always as a specially designed piece for auction
at the annual Yakima Folklife Festival each July.

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Duane Heilman - Yakima Valley Artist

Fall Creek -- oil on panel -- 5 x 7
"Fall Creek"
Oil on panel - 5" x 7" 
Sorry, this one has sold!

Summer Valley by Duane Heilman
"Summer Valley"
Oil on canvas - 24" x 30"

Turning to Fall -- o/c -- 24 x 30
"Turning to Fall"
Oil on canvas - 24" x 30"

Rain Clouds -- oil on panel -- 5 x 7 by Duane Heilman
- New -
"Rain Clouds"
Oil on panel - 5" x 7" 
Sorry, this one has sold!

Clouds with Silver Lining -- o/c -- 20 x 20 -- $800
"Clouds with Silver Lining"
Oil on canvas - 20" x 20" 

Sun Breaking Through --o/c -- 20 x 20
"Sun Breaking Through"
Oil on canvas - 20" x 20"

Sunflower Impressions -- o/c -- 12 x 12
"Sunflower Impressions"
Oil on canvas - 12" x 12"
Sorry, this one has sold!

Fall Birch Trees -- oil on panel -- 12 x 12 -- $250
"Fall Birch Trees"
Oil on panel - 12" x 12" 
Sorry, this one has sold!

A Bouquet of Daisies -- oil on wood panel by Duane Heilman 
"A Bouquet of Daisies"
Oil on wood panel -
 11" x 14"

 Light Rain: a cloudscape -- oil on canvas -- 18 x 24-- $900
"Light Rain: a Cloudscape"
Oil on canvas - 18" x 24" 

 Reading - Duane Heilman
Oil on canvas - 11' x 14" Sorry, this one has sold!


Duane Heilman - Yakima Valley Artist

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Shipping options vary.  Please contact me to arrange for purchase and shipping.  All purchased paintings are framed.

E-mail Duane Heilman for more information. 

 All the images on this page are the exclusive property of Duane Heilman.  Any use is prohibited without prior permission..


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