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  Delma Tayer Art

Oil, Pastel, & Watercolor Paintings,
Oriental, Organic,  & Dyed Paper Collages and Prints 

The arts give meaning to my life.  My profession reflected that philosophy for twenty-five years at Yakima Valley Community College teaching English, Art History and the Humanities, and lastly as Dean of Arts and Sciences. I served for 15 years also as Director of the on-campus, Larson Gallery. At the same time I exhibited paintings and pottery on a regular basis. After retirement in 1990, I became a full-time artist. 

Blue Shadows antique Screen Collage by Delma Tayer
"Blue Shadows antique Screen Collage"
by Delma Tayer Art

During the long scope of my art career, I have experimented and worked with most mediums available to me. Though my formal training was in abstract expressionism, I have not been confined to that style. Although I enjoy working with the figure, I call myself primarily a landscape painter. 

Oil Paintings

Awakening Spring by Delma Tayer
Awakening Spring

Screens & Large Collages

Art Scene by Delma Tayer
Art Scene
(54.5" x 49" Collage)


Strata - Dyed Paper Collage

& Pastels

Floral with Roses - Watercolor
Floral with Roses


 Mixed Media

Two Women in Landscape - Drawing & Watercolor
Two Women in Landscape


Be sure to visit my Prints Gallery 
for those favorite originals that might have sold.
You can still enjoy them as Prints!
(Photographic Prints, Stretched Canvas, and/or Gallery Wrapped Canvas)

I am proud to be a Local Yakima Artist.  I also pride myself on personal service and connection with my customers.
  For that reason, I have chosen not to sell my work via third party payment services at this time but ask
 if you are interested in purchasing any of my art, that you contact me direct.

  Shipping costs vary depending on the size of the art and shipping method preferred. 
Please contact me to arrange for purchase and shipping.

E-mail Delma Tayer for more information. 
Photographs of Delma's work courtesy of Harry Thompson.

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