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Deborah Ann's Fabric Art
My love of fabric as an art form began in the early 70’s when I started making fabric sculptures
 and wall hangings. For over 20 years I rarely met anyone who was doing what I was doing
 when I moved to the Yakima Valley in 1995 all that changed.
There is a vibrant community of fabric artists here who have helped me to make the most of this art form. I have pushed my work into a more painterly style with embellishments and painting
on the finished piece. I have seen the form change from the realm of “craft” into “art” that's being shown and collected everywhere.  I'll continue to push my art limits for as long as I can sew

Morelia - Met on the Road - 2 

- Morelia Project -Yakima's Sister City Fabric Art

On the road up to Aracurio we met this woman who was walking down with a load over her shoulder. I asked her if I could take her photo and she agreed even though she probably wondered why I'd want to. I love the weathered look of older faces and knew I'd need to turn this one into art.

 Sor Juana Fabric Art by Deborah Ann

~ New ~
- Public Art -
Fabric Art displayed in Public locations

This piece was done for the Grandview Migrant Housing Project in 2013. The commons area is named for Sor Juana

The portraits here are all of women and girls of the Yakima Valley and were used to show that Sor Juana's views have influenced all women.

Fabric of Nature - A Stand of Canna 

- Fabric of Nature -
Nature's Art captured
 on Fabric

Canna, what stately flowers they are all guarding that farm fence. Between the leaves and the huge red flowers it was an impenetrable wall.

Follow the Guide - Fabric Art by Deborah Ann 

- New Projects! -
All things new, again

Follow the Guide
was inspired by Prague people - they were everywhere. Dozens of languages were being spoken by dozens of guides as that marched the tourists around the castle grounds.

Artist's notation... "My sewing method is free motion construction and quilting.  The different elements may be cotton, silk, synthetics, plastic, threads, scraps, paper, paint, pastels, and other random objects.  The content of my pieces is what makes my art so unique."       ~ Deborah 

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-- Sally Fitchtextile artist
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"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

-- Henry David Thoreau
Yakima Art Connection

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, but the gift is nothing without work."

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