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If you know of a local valley event, please let us know. Exposure and promotion of the Yakima Art Scene is key to supporting local Yakima Artists. We are always ready to list Yakima Valley and surrounding area events at no charge to you.

If you are an artist that lives, shows or is from Yakima and the Yakima Valley area, you are in the right place. Yakima Art.com can help you create a unique online presence for your art.

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Join   YakimaArt.com   today
& receive your initial setup plus the first year of hosting for $100!

(Subsequent years are only $50 for maintenance.)

Yakima Art offers local Yakima area artists the online exposure to sell or just present their creative work to the online public. It's a great opportunity for economical entry into internet marketing.

Your art can be represented as a visual promotion of your craft or as item(s) for sale (or both).  For the price less than a single day event booth, you can have year around online exposure!

If you choose, item sales can be accomplished via PayPal or simply by direct e-mail connection between you and customer. You are a part of the web page design as much or as little as you want for up to five pages per artist.

The initial $100 fee includes the setup and design of up to five pages, online search engine promotion, web site/page maintenance, visitor tracking statistics, and hosting for one year. (Additional pages are available upon request.)  Subsequent years are maintained for only $50.

For any artist interested in a web presence for their creative expressions and artistic endeavors on  YakimaArt.com,  contact Lynda at:

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Yakima Art Connection

“There’s a wonderful network of artists in Yakima full of pure,
 fun passion.”

-- Sally Fitchtextile artist
by Yakima Magazine

Yakima Art Connection

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

-- Henry David Thoreau

Yakima Art Connection

 "The artist is nothing without
the gift
, but the gift is nothing without work."

--  Emile Zola

Yakima Art Connection

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Yakima Art Connection

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