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About Bev... I never really thought of myself as the creative type, more the project manager type.  But when I started creating jewelry for myself, friends, and family as gifts, folks really liked them!  This inspired experience brought out the artist in me that had been hiding deep inside Corporate America all this time.  Bev's Beads allowed the artistic expression that was meant to be.

About Bev's Beads... I love working with beads.  The ease and flexibility allow my creations to be one-of-a-kind.  I try not to make the exact design over and over.  It may be similar, but with different metals, colors, beads, etc.
Bev's Beads is the time polished result of many years developing a variety of skills and only limited by my imagination.

 E-mail Delma Tayer for more information. 

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Bev's Beads - White Jasper Necklace

White jasper with base metal beads on white leather, can be tied to various lengths, matching base metal earrings on silver plated ear wires.

$35 for set
(plus $5 shipping & tax)

Bev's Beads - Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise necklace with base metal chain, earrings turquoise with silver plated ear wires – 32”.

$99 for set
(plus $5 shipping & tax)

Bev's Beads - Blue Necklace

Blue glass beads, silk ribbon, and firefly button on base metal chain, 28” with matching bead earrings on gold plated ear wires.

$45 for set
(plus $5 shipping & tax)

Bev's Beads - Bird Purse Earrings

Tree – base metal and crystal with silver plated ear wires. 


(plus $2 shipping & tax)

Purses – base metal with silver plated ear wires.


(plus $2 shipping & tax)

Bev's Beads - Three Bracelets
A             B            C

A - Rose quartz and aquamarine with base metal clasp, 8” - $30  (plus $3 shipping & tax)


B - White jasper and pearl stretch bracelet - $15  (plus $3 shipping & tax)


C - Cane beads and crystals with base metal clasp, 8” - $30

(plus $3 shipping & tax)

Choose from...


Bev's Beads - Three Earrings
         A               B                 C

A - Green hand-made beads with black bead on copper ear wires - $20  (plus $2 shipping & tax)


B - Cloisonné beads with crystals on gold plated ear wires - $20  (plus $2 shipping & tax)


C - Oregon Ironstone with jasper beads on gold plated ear wires - $20  (plus $2 shipping & tax)

Choose from...

Design photos are representatives of the pieces.  Each item is unique and may not be exactly as pictured.
 Photos courtesy of Irene Pearcey.

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