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Becky Melcher Paintings

Becky Melcher, Artist

Essentially self-taught, light and tone are the most important elements in a painting for me and the most difficult to achieve.
 Together with my love of animals, this page is devoted to that combination.


Becky Melcher Paintings

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Sunriver Doe by Becky Melcher
Sunriver Doe
15" by 18" framed, 
Acrylic & Ink

Paint by Becky Melcher
23" by 27" framed, Acrylic
~ New ~ 

Stars & Stripes by Becky Melcher
 Stars & Stripes
20" by 20" unframed,   Acrylic
(On display at Yakima Steak Company restaurant)
~ New ~ 

Hey...where did Al Paca go? by Becky Melcher
Hey... Where did Al Paca go?
14" by 11" unframed 
~ New ~

You Comin'? by Becky Melcher
 You Comin?
17.5" by 21.5" framed,   Acrylic
~ Sold ~


Hi... My Name is
14" by 11" unframed
~ Sold ~

Mom... Wait up by Becky Melcher
Mom... wait up!

11 " by 13.5" framed,
~ New ~ 

Curious Donkeys, approx 13 x 16 framed by Becky Melcher
Curious Donkeys
13" by 16" framed, Acrylic

The Kids Are Out by Becky Melcher
The Kids Are Out
11" by 14" unframed, 
~ Sold ~

Rooster by Becky Melcher
11 " by 14" unframed,
Water soluble Oil/Acrylic
~ Sold ~


Young Bull by Becky Melcher
Young Bull
20" by 20" unframed,  Acrylic
~ Sold ~

Duke by Becky Melcher
20" by 16" unframed,
~ Sold ~

 Bullpucky by Becky Melcher
20" by 20" unframed,
Water soluble Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
~ Sold ~

Good Karma by Becky Melcher
 Good Karma
~ Sold ~

My Dog, Mardy Fish by Becky Melcher
My Dog, Mardy Fish

~ Not For Sale ~

Hooey & Jig by Becky Melcher
Hooey & Jig
~ Not For Sale ~

Mooer and Child by Becky Melcher
Mooer and Child II

12" by 24" unframed, Acrylic
~ Sold ~

Mooer and Child, 11x14 unframed by Becky Melcher.
Mooer and Child
11" by 14" unframed,
Water soluble Oil/Acrylic
~ Sold ~

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Pet Portrait,
contact me for more information.

Zeus by Becky Melcher
~ Not For Sale ~ 

    Becky Melcher Paintings

Shipping options vary and are not included in the price listed above.
Please contact me if you have any questions or to arrange for personal viwing, purchase, or shipping.

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  All the images on this page are the exclusive property of Becky Melcher.


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