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Artebella Fine Art Gallery - 1111 W Spruce St. #33, Yakima, WA
Artebella Art Gallery


Artebella Fin Art Gallery in Yakima

Artebella Fine Art Gallery


Fine Art by
Pamela Searcy

Pamela Searcy is a local Yakima artist of diversified talent. She creates esthetically powerful figural bronze sculptures and she also is a painter who works in both the impressionistic and abstract styles.

Pamela grew up in Central Washington and recently returned where she opened a studio and art gallery space in Yakima.

She is really enjoying a new freedom to arrange her interests around a lifelong love of artistic expression.

Group Bronze by Pamela Searcy
Bronze by Pamela Searcy

Wearable Jewelry Art by Pamela Searcy
Wearable Jewelery Art by Pamela Searcy

Impressionist painting by Pamela Searcy
Impressionist painting by Pamela Searcy

Artebella Fine Art Gallery 


Mike Hiler
Fired Clay

Yakima Art Gallery
Guest Artists
Guest artists share this quaint
 Yakima Art gallery space rotating
local artists bi-annually.


Rachel Dorn
Ceramic Sculpture

Mike Hiler - Firec Clay at Artebella



Meghan Flynn
Impressionist Painting



John Barany
Wood Sculpture

John Barany, JSB Arts at Artebella Fine Art Gallery

Rachel Dorn, Ceramic Sculpture at Artebella



Chris Otten

Meghan Flynn - Impressionist Painting 


Terry Mullen
Painting & Jewelry
Terry Mullen - Painting & Jewelry


Chris Otten - Photography


Dotti Burton
Abstract & Impressionist Painting

Dotti Burton - Abstract & Impressionist Painting 



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Artebella Fine Art Gallery



Art Classes  


Classes are scheduled to teach the concepts in drawing and design, drawing for painting, and bookmaking.

There is a four person minimum
required for a class.
To register, call 206 915-4663.


 Artebella Fine Art Gallery


Yakima Art Gallery, Artebella - 1111 W Spruce St #33, Yakima, WA


Artebella Fine Art Gallery is located in a
charming collection of medical offices and small retail shops
in the heart of Yakima.
To find out more information, contact Pamela Searcy:

For more information visit: artebellagallery.com


All the images on this page are the exclusive property of Pamela Searcy and the artist of creation.
Any use is prohibited without prior permission.



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